Post Entitled ‘First Post’

Mechatonic is primarily about the game Mechaton, created by Vincent Baker. Primarily, but not wholly. Simon and I will be offering links to Mechaton discussions, thoughts on play and improving the play experience, our own Lego creations for the game and interesting/inspiring Lego builds that we’ve spotted elsewhere.

In future posts, I’d certainly like to talk about developing a story and world alongside games of Mechaton, taking a simple series of games and giving them added colour and meaning through out-of-play elements. We’ll also be testing out the campaign rules that Vincent has developed, so we’ll certainly be reporting back on that and giving our thoughts and ideas on Mechaton campaign play.

To kick things off, you can find some of the mechs we’ve been using for our games here on my Flickr pages. There are a few to be added, plus there are always new designs on the way. One of my personal favourites so far has been this guy:

The Commander

The Commander

Anyway, that’s all for now.




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