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Miners’ Union Enforcers

The Miners’ Union has long been a force in planetary politics, but recent political changes have demanded a more active role for the union, to safeguard the livelihoods of the planet’s citizens, and to enure a living wage for all miners. To that end, Union officials have authorised an enforcement wing of the Union, to combat union-busting and strike-breaking tactics by government forces, to safeguard striking miners, and to police Union-held territories.

Heavily modified mining suits, such as this Mark 1 Robinson, form the backbone of the force. This suit has been equipped with twin rotary cannons. The mineral scanning suite can be turned to enemy detection and communication.

This Robinson suit is equipped with more traditional mining gear. The arm-mounted detonation tool cuts through hardened armour as effectively as rock.

Others are equipped with scavenged or traded military equipment. This rocket pod is a standard armament on many military units.

The Mark 2 Robinson, affectionately known as the “Robby” to most miners, is also suited to a combat role. While less sturdy than the Mark 1, is still built to withstand micro-metor strikes, and can absorb significant damage. This one is equipped with two assault cannons, an early version of the current military standard. It also sports a back-mounted lift-pack, more commonly seen on orbital mining equipment.

The lift-pack doesn’t allow for sustained flight in planetary gravity, but it enables short jumps which provide added mobility on the battlefield.

Even some of the oldest mining technology has been pressed into service. This Karlsberg “Stomper” Mining Suit would be at home in a museum, but its hardened steel chassis makes it suitable for combat purposes, and it can tote a gun as well as any modern suit. Here it is seen with a jury-rigged cannon for launching detonation charges.

All those suits require fuel, and that’s provided by this Armstrong Tanker-Crawler. Hardened for operation in low atmosphere, it keeps those suits running, whether they’re mining minerals, or defending miners and their families.


MgN-302/303 Series Mechs

These little fellas are designed for the upcoming campaign. They all form part of the army battlegroup that will form my forces. The little bit of fiction that I’ve come up with involves a military coup against a weak coalition government. Now the army finds out how hard it is to run the nation. My side in the story will revolve around the fights of a single battlegroup to try and give some personalisation to the behind-the-scenes fiction.

A standard 302B model with the left manipulator appendage replaced with a heavy St-57 anti-armour cannon. The unit also carries an Nt-48 carbine for close defence.

MgN-302B Heavy Weapons

Notable for the extended armour plating on the arms (which protects the head from RPG fire and also allows for shouldering through heavy urban obstacles), this 303C carries two Nt-48 27mm light carbines for close-quarters combat.


A much modified version of the basic 302, the D bis replaced the multi-function manipulators with two dedicated heavy vulcan guns for area suppression and heavy fire support. It is shown painted in the standard sand and dark red colour scheme of the 21st heavy Cavalry Regiment.


The basic MgN-302A, equipped with shoulder brackets for up to four 180mm heavy pack rockets. This example also carries the Lt-45 35mm heavy machinegun for area suppression.


More variants to come over the next couple of days.


Mobile Biological Armour

We’re gearing up for the Mechaton campaign. Exciting.

In some of the games, as well as testing out the campaign rules written by Vincent, we’ll be slotting in a couple of new ideas of our own.

When it comes to hiding behind cover (such as trees, buildings and so forth) we’ve decided that cover only provides protection if it is three or more bricks in height. This provides a settled point and makes things that little bit clearer. There is, however, one can of cover that works if it is only one brick high.


Yes, in some of our games, there will be confused, frightened civilians running around the battlefield. They get a single initiative die and a movement die (although it’s likely the movement will be D6/2). We’ll also be rolling a D6 to see which direction they run in. After all, people don’t make the most rational decisions when being shelled by five metre tall combat robots.

Aside from this, civilians can also be cover. As previously mentioned, they are the only things that provide cover when they are less than three bricks high (our civilians are essentially a single cylindrical brick with a single stuf round plate on the top. This represents a standard person, somewhere between five and six feet tall). Will your opponent fire on you when you re standing behind civilians? Will you be hiding behind them? A lot of what actually happens will stem from the fictional backgrounds of the various factions and the colour that originates in play.

We’ll see.