MgN-302/303 Series Mechs

These little fellas are designed for the upcoming campaign. They all form part of the army battlegroup that will form my forces. The little bit of fiction that I’ve come up with involves a military coup against a weak coalition government. Now the army finds out how hard it is to run the nation. My side in the story will revolve around the fights of a single battlegroup to try and give some personalisation to the behind-the-scenes fiction.

A standard 302B model with the left manipulator appendage replaced with a heavy St-57 anti-armour cannon. The unit also carries an Nt-48 carbine for close defence.

MgN-302B Heavy Weapons

Notable for the extended armour plating on the arms (which protects the head from RPG fire and also allows for shouldering through heavy urban obstacles), this 303C carries two Nt-48 27mm light carbines for close-quarters combat.


A much modified version of the basic 302, the D bis replaced the multi-function manipulators with two dedicated heavy vulcan guns for area suppression and heavy fire support. It is shown painted in the standard sand and dark red colour scheme of the 21st heavy Cavalry Regiment.


The basic MgN-302A, equipped with shoulder brackets for up to four 180mm heavy pack rockets. This example also carries the Lt-45 35mm heavy machinegun for area suppression.


More variants to come over the next couple of days.



8 thoughts on “MgN-302/303 Series Mechs

  1. mechatonic Post author

    Thanks. I was pretty pleased with the way these guys turned out. The mechs I’d been using up until now just kept getting bigger and bigger. The time had come to return to something more in the traditional Mechaton scale.


  2. mechatonic Post author

    Cheers! I’m happy how they turned out. I had to wait a couple of days for the minifig binoculars to arrive from Bricklink so I could see how the design looked, but it all worked out grand.


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  4. flintlocklaser

    Loving these guys, and getting ready to make a big bricklink purchase for a variety of Mechaton designs, specifically so I can build some MgN-302s – but I can’t quite suss out what’s going on with the heavy machinegun on the last unit (the one with the technic pin barrel and the big drum magazine). Any chance you could post a pic of just the machinegun so I can steal, uh, reverse engineer your idea?


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