Guncrab, by Soren


Originally uploaded by [Soren]

Soren Roberts has come up with yet another excellent Mechaton-scale design in the form of the Guncrab. Another one that is sure to influence a host of multi-legged mech designs.



3 thoughts on “Guncrab, by Soren

  1. mechachronic

    That’s fantastic stuff.

    I have a whole bunch of those magnet clips from the M:Tron Stellar Recon Voyager Emma got me for Christmas, but I never thought to use them like that. I always found them a bit awkward to attach. I’ll definitely be taking another look at them.

  2. Mantisking

    I built one of these this morning. It’s slightly different though as I don’t have any magnet clips and I couldn’t quite see how the “engine” section attaches to the main body. I’ll try and take some pictures later tonight.


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