Campaign: The Backstory

We should be starting up our campaign sometime in the next week. Prior to that. here’s some of the backstory we’ve come up with and a vague rundown of the three factions.

The campaign takes place on the moon of vast gas giant in an isolated solar system. There is interplanetary travel, but no interstellar travel. The moon is large. Very large. About the size of Venus in our solar system. The main feature of the planet is the 1000km wide crater that provides the only place on the surface where life can be supported on a large scale. This has come about because of the depth of the crater: it allows the oxygen pressure to be high enough in the very thing atmosphere of the moon. Everywhere else (especially in the Highlands surround the crater), you need to be suited and booted to survive.

Mining in the Highlands is the main economic activity. Mines are everywhere, connected up by high-speed rail tracks leading to giant massdriver sites that throw huge blocks of ore into orbit. Up there, the factories and receiving stations wait for the raw materials.

Just recently, there has been a coup. The vaguely unstable coalition ‘unity government’ has been overthrown by the Army elements of the Combined Military Forces. They are attempting to instigate a programme of rationalisation and and military investment. Needless to say, this hasn’t proved popular with everyone…

The Miner’s Union has taken over mines out in the Highlands, started cutting off-planet deals and engaging in armed insurrection against the military. They’ve bought old weapons and outfitted mining hardsuits to fight against the army mechanised units and…

The forces of Allied Defence Dynamics, an off-planet mercenary corporatio represting various corporate interests who don’t want to see the flow of valuable ores disrupted. They are being used against both the army and the miners.

The sides in our campaign are thus:

Army/military government: Me!
Miner’s Union: Simon
Off-world mercenaries: Richard

Next: Some details of how the Army are set up.



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