Campaign: Goals

We had the first game of the campaign last night. But, before we getting to the thrilling details of that epic contest, it would be best to outline what we are all fighting for.

In the Mechaton campaign rules you set three different areas of influence/interest. Each side says what will happen if they win in this area of influence and assigns a multiplier to each area. You have five point of multipliers to assign.

Our three areas are: government, population and mines.

Combined Military Forces (Me): Mostly the Army, because the Aerospace Forces are not wholly on-board with the coup.

Government (x2): Will take a tougher stance on interplanetary relations and exercise greater independence.
Mines (x1): The will become nationalised and therefore even more corrupt and inefficient.
Population (x2): They will become more wealthy and will put up with vastly increased military spending.

The Miners Union (Simon): The majority of the mineworkers on the planet, who have now risen in armed revolt against the coup and off-world interests.

Government (x1): Will be replaced by a Union organised workers party.
Mines (x3): They will become worker owned.
Population (x1): Miners become an elite, non-miners will become a political underclass.

Allied Defence Dynamics (Richard): An off-world mercenary company brought in by outside interests to secure the flow of product from the mines.

Government (x1): A weak puppet government is installed. It is liberal and open to foreign ownership and investment.
Mines (x3): With the mines secure, new capital can be invested in increasing profit margins and decreasing waste.
Population (x1): A healthy level of unemployment will be encouraged to lower wages.

So Simon and Richard are really, really invested in the mines. I’m less concerned about the mines and more concerned about establishing a stable government and getting the population to support the coup.



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