It’s my turn to decide on objectives and limitations for the campaign game, and I’m using the opportunity to try something a little different to the regular Mechaton scenario.

Back in the day, I played a bit of the (now defunct) GW game “Gorka Morka”. The game itself was average, but there was one scenario that really grabbed my attention – “The Chase”. In this scenario, one side was racing to get a haul of scrap to the trading post, while another side ambushed them. To represent this running battle, at the end of every turn you moved everything on the table six inches towards one table edge.

I really want to try this same concept in Mechaton. Clearly, this is going to be a bit of a challenge. Here’s my concept:


Every month a convoy of computer-controlled trucks races across the barren plateau to bring much-needed supplies to the outlying mining settlement of Hardscrabble. Without the supplies, the settlement will wither, and the lives of many citizens will be endangered. In the civil war, all three sides have an interest in “securing” the supplies for their own use, claiming credit for their safe delivery, or holding the supplies for ransom. One truck is especially important – it holds urgent medical supplies.

At the end of each turn, everything one the table except the stations (which represent the trucks) move three units towards one table edge. Players take turns placing new cover on the leading table edge. If a mech drops off the table edge, it is counted as destroyed.

So that’s the plan, or most of it. We might have to jigger around with the setup so that it’s not too unfair. There’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong though, so I’d appreciate any thoughts or warnings.




4 thoughts on “Convoy!

  1. mechatonic

    More to come in the full report on the second campaign battle, but the convoy idea worked pretty well. It added an extra dimension of planning ahead and another layer of tactical thinking that I’m not sure I’d like in every game, but it was enjoyable overall.


  2. Darrin Bowers

    If you put the whole game on baseplates you could just use a small brightly colored brick as a turn marker on the side of the playing field. When the marker reaches the edge of a row of baseplates simply move the whole row of baseplates to the other side of the table terain and all and viola, scrolling tabletop!

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