Clockwork Mecha

After recieving my bricklink order in the post, I banged out this little guy. Quite different to my usual style, it’s a clockwork mecha. It won’t see combat in our current campaign, but it’s making me look forward to the next one.


7 thoughts on “Clockwork Mecha

  1. mechachronic Post author

    Nope. It’s “ptoo” like “Ptolmey” or “pterodactyl”.

    I’m especially proud of the legs on this guy. They use my new favourite joint – a minifig hand plugged into a hose nozzle. It’s remarkably flexible. My next project is a mecha that uses the same joints on its shoulders for two-handed weapon goodness.

  2. Ben

    Hey Simon, I really dig this little guy. The half open hatch on top makes it for me. Keep posting your original designs!


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