USB (not the connecting kind)

Urban Security Bot

Originally uploaded by onosendai2600

I always feel that ‘chicken walker’ style mechs, while relatively easy to build are diffuclt to get looking good. That being the case, let’s give thanks to Onosendai2600 and his Urban Security Bot. Although it’s minifig scaled, it would translate excellently on to the Mechaton battlefield as a full-sized mech.



4 thoughts on “USB (not the connecting kind)

  1. mechachronic

    That’s cool! It is very tricky to get “chicken walkers” to look good. I find I always end up with the legs too close together, or the feet overlapping, or else the proportions are all wrong and it looks like it couldn’t walk. I like the defined waist on this thing. I think that helps a lot with the balance of the piece. The backwards skis as feet are nice too.

  2. Keth

    I really like this, but I am having a heck of a time working out what part those little ankle t-bars are; they looks too small to be the pneumatic t?

  3. mechatonic Post author

    Yep, the t-pieces are very useful, but can be over used. I know, I’ve been the king of pneumatic t-piece overuse. Tap and space guns can often be used in their place and they come in a much wider range of colours.



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