MgN-302 Heavy Assault Squadron

MgN-302 Heavy Assault Squadron

Originally uploaded by jed_september

Dropped behind enemy lines to take and hold defended positions, the units of a HAS are up-armoured and up-gunned versions of the standard MgN-302. The specialised nature of their mission means that they are compromised in terms of maneuverability and endurance. If a HAS is not relieved within a few hours of capturing an objective, the chances of them escaping are minimal.

A large order of dark grey pieces from Bricklink meant that I could at last build a unified squad of mechs in this colour. I wanted them to look ‘army’, hence the preponderance of dark grey.



3 thoughts on “MgN-302 Heavy Assault Squadron

  1. Ben

    I really like these guys. They really have the feel of a heavy assault team. I think the one o the left is named Butch.

  2. mechatonic Post author

    Adding the ‘backpack’ to them actually did make them look a lot chunkier and more heavilty armoured. The fit between them and the ‘neck’ section (even though you can see it in the photos) worked out really well.

    These were my unit in the last campaign game. They served me well.

    The left hand mechs were 2xarmour, 1xdirect, 1xHtH and the right hand one was 2xarmour, 2xdirect.



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