Skunk Base Alpha

Skunk Base Alpha

Originally uploaded by Sly420

As my last post talked a little about buildings and scenery in Mechaton, here’s a wonderful microscale creation by Shannon Young. Now, I’m not suggesting we all go to these lengths just to build scenery for the game, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did?



4 thoughts on “Skunk Base Alpha

  1. mechatonic Post author

    Yep, there is some really cool stuff there.

    Simon and I were discussing a really microscale Mechaton game, using very small mechs and a playing area of about 4 large baseplates (you know, the size of the crater and road plates and stuff like that). Perhaps using the same city area of a series of games. Simon suggested leaving the destruction in place or maybe moving in repair crews and demolishing or repair buildings as the game goes on. That would be a pretty cool series of games.



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