Creations by builder mondayn00dle (A.K.A  Brian Kescenovitz) are a frequent sight on well-known lego blogs like The Brothers Brick.  We’ve seen a lot of his larger mecha creations, and vast dioramas.  In this post though, I’d like to highlight some of the smaller things in Mondayn00dle’s photostream, which have got a lot of interesting ideas suitable for mechaton-sized creations.

These guys are part of a larger diorama, where they display incredible posability and amazing character.  Built largely with those annoying exo-force arms, they’ve really opened my eyes to the possibilities of that piece. 

This chap is a Grunt from the Halo series of games.  There’s some incredible parts usage in this little thing, and it’s given me a heck of a lot of inspiration for more tiny mechs like those I posted yesterday.

Continuing the Halo theme, this thing is an Elite from the game.  It’s got the same use of Exo-force arms, with some amazing foot technology.

I can’t wait to get home tonight and start building!


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