War Bot

War Bot

Originally uploaded by Chewk

I missed originally that the Surveyor Bot I posted earlier was based on this much more mechaton-appropriate little guy. Check out the photostream for a whole series of them.


2 thoughts on “War Bot

  1. Mantisking

    I’ve seen this before, I think it was posted to Brothers Brick. It looks cool, I’m just a little hinky about using minifig hands — or other parts — in building. A while ago the Lego Store was selling minifigs and accessories in a mix’n’match/pick-your-own. Maybe I should have bought a bunch to break up for parts.

  2. mechachronic Post author

    Come to the dark side, Mantis! Minifig hands are awesome! Minifig legs are also pretty cool. I keep finding new uses for the hands.


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