For those (two) of you wondering about the maths behind Vincent’s comment here, that a d8 and 2d6-pick-highest are almost identical, I made a little chart to show how that works out.

This chart shows the percentage chance of rolling a particular number or higher with 2d6-pick-highest and with 1d8:

So pretty comparable numbers, really.


16 thoughts on “Nerdcore

  1. Uriel

    I was wondering the same myself, thanks for sharing.

    If you’ve got the time I would be very much interested in seeing similiar numbers for 1d6, 3d6, 4d6, 5d6, 6d6, 2d8, 3d8 and 1d10.

  2. Vincent

    Here are the average number of damage dice they’ll roll, against the given defense number:

    defense 0 – 2d6: 4.47 – d8: 4.50
    defense 1 – 2d6: 3.47 – d8: 3.50
    defense 2 – 2d6: 2.50 – d8: 2.63
    defense 3 – 2d6: 1.61 – d8: 1.88
    defense 4 – 2d6: 0.86 – d8: 1.25
    defense 5 – 2d6: 0.31 – d8: 0.75

    Up at defense 4 & 5, the d8 does have an advantage, but it never tops half a damage die. If you were to switch all your 2d6 weapons for d8, then over the course of a battle each mech would inflict about 1 more damage.

  3. Uriel

    I fully endorse going d8 instead of 2d6. It easier, since one attachment is always one die, and the game gets a little more desperate.

    I think that each mecha inflicts a little more than 1 extra damage per battle in my games compared to an average Mechaton game since about a third of the time you do damage on 4 on the damage roll.

    Hey Vincent, what is the average number of damage dice rolled with a d8 against defense 6?

  4. Joshua A.C. Newman

    We play with damage-on-4 in HtH.

    Here’s the first thing I think of when I think about replacing 2d6 with 1d8: it removes the special defense-busting capabilities of overloaded weapons. If you make a specialist, they should be able to do something no one else can. It makes the upgrade costly and non-linear. It’s not just that the guy can do more damage. It’s that the guy is the only one who will be able to pry that defender with 2 Blues off the objective. The 7 and 8 is really important and I don’t think it should be trivialized.

  5. Mantisking

    I play with damage on a 4 for all ranges. I find that it makes the game quicker, especialy when you don’t have much time to play. Although, I will be experimenting with different levels of cover — full and partial — like it used to be back in the original days of the game when I next play.

  6. Mantisking

    Joshua, no at the moment it’s cover stops 4 and 5 and the 6 gets through. I’m going to test Partial Cover stops 4, Full Cover stops 4 and 5, and nothing stops a 6.

  7. Mantisking

    It also makes sense in genre too. Mechs that get caught in the open in anime tend to get hammered to bits.

  8. Uriel

    I’ve been using partial cover stops 4, full cover stops 5 with Hijacked v1.3-7 for a year or so. You seriously don’t want to get caught in the open.

    But right now, whilst play testing a bunch of stuff for LinCon, I’ve gone back to standard cover and damage except for HtH. I haven’t decided which to play with at the Con yet. I want cover to matter, but I also want HtH to be slightly more powerful than the other weapons.

  9. Joshua A.C. Newman

    Mantisking, it depends. If you’ve got bold warriors calling each other by name from their gold-festooned cockpit-lounges, it’s a different thing from the WWII tank or modern urban warfare metaphor.


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