I finally got around to taking photos of some of the ships we used in the last Spaceaton game. 

The Human Improvement League build elegant, ghostly ships using their advanced technology.  Each ship is controlled by a single implanted brain, a member of the League who has trancended their physical body.  The League’s pilots are some of the best in the galaxy – unsurprising since they literally live in their ships.

The Poisson Belt is one of the few genuine frontiers left in the galaxy.  This maze of asteroids, dust clouds, and nebulae has resisted amalagamation into any of the large factions, and its population of miners, outcasts, criminals and pirates exist almost without laws.  Ships built in the belt tend to be clunky and inelegant, but they get the job done.  Many factions hire privateers from the belt to suppliment their own forces.




2 thoughts on “Spaceships!

  1. Mantisking

    Very nice. Once again, I prefer the blue and white ships of the H.I.L. You really have to stop building with my favorite color. 🙂

    1. mechachronic Post author

      I got a bunch of sand blue with my last bricklink order, so I’ve been making lots of stuff with it. It’s a nice colour, but it doesn’t go with other colours very well. Don’t worry though, my next set of ships is lime and dark red.


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