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Tanked Up

WW – TII ‘Weng Weng’

Originally uploaded by Fredoichi

Not a mech to start the week, but a very small tank. Fredoichi (who is most definitely NOT Tekka Croe, despite what various unreliable blog authors might actually tell you) has designed this brilliant little vehicle that fits exactly in Mechaton scale. The comments on the photo also note his technique for getting those tires to fit over a three long brick.



MgR-808 Karma

MgR-808 Karma, top

Originally uploaded by jed_september

Finally got around to taking some photos of this. Built a few weeks ago, but due to travela nd other commitments, I’ve never actually done anything with it. Nevertheless, here it is.

Based on the mini-frame by Squieu, I find it nicely poseable and chunky, but not too large for use with Mechaton. There are a nuch of other photos of it on my Flickr pages.