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C-1029 Urban Patrol Drone

C-1029 Urban Patrol Drone

Originally uploaded by scōtt blānk

I am all over this little tracked bot by Scott Blank. A neat little design.

It makes me think about rules for different movement types for Mechaton (because I never saw a game I didn’t want to hack). Wheels like these could be something simple like “free green d8 on roads, no movement through rough terrain.” I always thought flying mechs should get something like “free green d8 wherever, but can’t capture objectives.”

That’s just me though.




Sub Apoc Roundup

Back in the mists of time, LEGO builder Spook started a theme called “Sub Apoc”, a hypothetical future where an apocalypse drives all human settlements underwater.  He posted a very interesting guide to the setting here.  Other builders catch on, and soon there’s a plethora of sub-apoc themed MOCs kicking around.

Fast forward to the present, and this extremely slack blogger finally gets around to noticing it, and thinking “now this is ripe for a game of Mechaton.”  We’ve already discussed the possibilities of setting Mechaton games underwater.  All that’s left, I think, is to let the creations speak for themselves.  A lot of these are “hardsuits” rather than mecha, but that doesn’t make them any less gameable in my mind.  Some of these we’ve already posted on the site, but I think you’ll agree they’re worth a second look.

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