A Policy Update

You may have noticed that Mechatonic has been a bit, well, quiet of late. Real life has significantly intruded on the ability of both Simon and I to do any reasonable updating. But, we’ve had a policy pow-wow and decided on some changes that should breathe life back in to the blog.

We will now be updating, regularly, on a Tuesday and a Friday*. That might mean a single post, multiple posts or a blizzard of posting. regardless of the quantity, there will always be posts on those days.

So, starting this coming Tuesday, the new regime shall begin.


*Tuesday and Friday New Zealand time. Just for clarity.


One thought on “A Policy Update

  1. mechachronic

    I totally want to draft up Transforming robot rules for Mechaton now! If I thought there was any chance I could build non-hideous transformers I would so be there.


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