Dynamic Destruction

Back in the days of my youth (which recede ever farther with each passing day), I used to play a fair number of SF wargames: Battletech, Dirtside and Warhammer 40,000 to name three. They provided differing levels of fun and different experiences. The 1/300th scale SF armour of Dirtside was always a favourite. One thing they lacked, however, that Mechaton has in spades is a dynamic and changing battlefield appearance.

By ‘dynamic’, I mean that both the terrain and your units change, physically, as the game progresses. Shooting at cover knocks bricks off and scatters them around the battlefield. Hits on mechs blow of weapons, armour, arms and legs. You can see the progression of the battle in the very models you have created to play the game.

Now, this isn’t a very profound or deep statement, but it is something that many wargames, with their carefully crafted terrain and intricately painted models, lack. Not many games allow you to deal a crushing blow to an enemy unit and, at the same time, crush the model ‘neath your victorious palm. This dynamism, the ability to make changes each passing minute and see those changes affect the game in progress is immensely engaging.

I don’t really have much more to say on the subject, really. But, blowing apart Lego mechs is great fun, I think we can all agree.



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