Droid Bodies: The New T-Piece?

When I started buying lego for Mechaton, the pneumatic t-piece was all the rage.  It showed up in everything, its distinctive little hollow ends poking out of every nook of the best mechs, mocking me.  It mocked me because I didn’t have any t-pieces, but I could see that they were fantastically useful pieces.  After all, everyone was using them. 

When I finally got a few (I now have a total of four of ’em!), I felt like my possibilities exploded.  So versatile! They were the secret to getting those really tiny but flexable joints that Mechaton mechs rely on.  Of course, only having a couple of the things really cramped my style.  I had to ration them out, and I I used too many in one mech, I’d be stuck without any for the rest of my force.  Also, since they only come in light greys (and mine are horrible light bley), they seriously limited my colour palette.  Their little hollow ends are also very distinctive, and I found myself tiring of the look they gave a mech.

But all that’s over now.  The cool kids are using droid bodies.  The things are showing up everyehere now, and it seems like they’re required to build anything of any quality anymore.  Their parallel horizontal bars at either end make them perfect for what was before a very difficult joint for lego.  And once again, I’m stuck without any.  Or at least I was until recently! I semi-accidentally acquired some the other day, and I have to say, they live up to their reputation.  They made perfect shins for a little future-WWII Japanese walking tank I built recently.  I am a convert!


2 thoughts on “Droid Bodies: The New T-Piece?

  1. zeekhotep

    Yes, I have to admit that I too was unable to build a mech without the “P.T.P” for quite a while. I also agree that the limited color palette and the holes in the ends do get old. I have recently been forced (by several great builders) to reexamine the wonderful tap as a joint.

    Just as a side note there is an alternate joint to the “P.T.P” that is very usefull and has the same articulation. it uses the hands from the mecha-force droids.

    This mech uses PTP joints at its shoulders.

    and this one uses the droid hands at its shoulders.


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