War is On!

Last night Malcolm and I met up to fight the first battle in a mini-campaign we’ve been planning for a little while, inspired by Maschinenkrieger mechs.  We’d both built sets of WWI/WWII styled mecha and hover tanks, and I was very eager to pit my little guys against Malcolm’s forces.  My dudes were styled as a WWI Japanese force, with red and white stripes on a grey background, and slightly steampunky mechanical looks.  Malcolm’s guys reminded me more of WWII Germans, with sleek dark grey turrets and a “Walking Tank” look.

For this battle, we tried something a little different from the usual game.  Instead of choosing forces and then determining points, we just decided on a set number of assets for each of us – four mechs and 12 attachments.  This meant that the forces would be dead even, which was an unusual feeling.  Usually in a two-player game your role is very clear: You’re either attacking, in which case you’re trying to pummel the opponent as fast as possible, and take stations, or you’re defending, in which case you’re ticking down the clock as fast as you can, and trying to hold on.  In this game there was much more of a feeling of attack and defence.

The result was a win for me, after a worrying first turn I managed to turn it into a pretty convincing win, but it was a fun game, and I’m looking forward to playing some more games in the same format.


2 thoughts on “War is On!

  1. mechachronic Post author

    Should have some photos of the mechs at some stage. It’s winter here at the moment, so it’s hard to get good light for pictures.


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