Fresh Meat For The Cannons

Back in the old days of Mechaton, when you had to carve your bricks from granite, when if you lost Vincent would send a nailbomb to your house, and when around 20 people worldwide played the game, there wasn’t quite such a range of frames. With the explosion in popularity created by Mobile Frame Zero, there is now a huge and vibrant building community. Why am I telling you this? If you’re reading, then you’re probably part of that community.

Easing myself back into the Lego/MFZ blogomasphere, I thought a good thing would be to highlight some of my favourite new frames and new builders who have joined the community. Let’s take it as read that the stuff designed by Soren is awesome and that I don’t need to tell you that again. It’s a given. So, here are a handful of frames that I think are great for MFZ.

The Hammerhead by Ironsniper (But his favourite Aunt calls him Chris)

Hammerhead FrameI

If you step back through Chris’ photostream, you’ll see detailed instructions for building this. It’s the shaping on this that really does it for me, that and the strong colour blocking. It manages to combine the standard bipedal mech aesthetic very successfully with the vertical tank look.

The Barnacle by Kyanosmoros (I believe that his local auto repair shop would call him Kevin)

AWF-03-A 'Barnacle'

A cracking little underwater frame. Compact, easy on parts use, a great addition to any lineup. I’ve built one of these are they really are exceptionally compact. They have a chunky, low-tech vibe to them, but with effective use of colour (as Kevin has done in the example here) they really stand out.

The Gunbuddy by Kyanosmoros

WTo-06 "Gunbuddy"

Two by the same builder? Oh well, they’re both great. The Gunbuddy also has the advantage of using mostly common parts in reasonable quantities. It’s also adaptable as all hell. You can use the basic building blocks of the Gunbuddy to make something that looks quite different.

The Iguana by Mittenninja (Or Greg, as the taxman might call him)

Iguanas Roll Out!

Slightly more complex than the two frames above, the Iguana is nonetheless a great build. It manages to combine a certain sleekness with a strong sense of mechanical weightiness, something that’s often hard to achieve in such a small scale. You’ll also note that the colour is quite unusual. Greg broke new ground in the MFZ community with his use of vinyl dye to colour bricks.

The Sprinting Ghost by Hatrabies (or Josh, as he’s known to his mum)

Sprinting Ghosts

Lovely, compact chicken-walker type design. And bright, clean colours as well. Chicken walkers can, at times, either look top heavy or overly fragile. This manages to walk a neat line between the two, while at the same time having a slightly ‘alien’ look that contrasts nicely with more traditional mech forms.



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