Not To Scale

Most of us play Mobile Frame Zero in what is known as seven plate scale. That is, seven Lego plates stacked one on top of the other are equivalent to a six foot tall person. The canonic frames – Chub, Scrambler, and Hi-Leg – are all designed at this scale.

There are, however, some attractive builds out there built in minifig scale. Most of these are intended as drones or hardsuits. A couple have sprung up recently that really recommend themselves to the MFZ community.

This squad by Paul Meissner is packed with great detail: the splash of colour in the ‘armpit’ area; the white minifig hand used as a sensor on one of the drones; all of this is great. And all of this praise is despite my purist dislike of third party minifig scale weapons!
IronSniper Squad

In a totally different vein, these wonderful little alt-World War tinsuits by Will are just full of character. I can just see these as primitive mobile frames akin to the Vanguard. Perhaps in some strange alternative universe, they are adversaries?


One thought on “Not To Scale

  1. Mantisking

    The mechs in that first squad looks like they would be the same size as a Chub. Maybe it’s because they use the same pieces for the head. I’ll have to build one and find out.


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