Shit! Spiders!

Multipedal mechs: Not as common in the MFZ community as you might think. In fact, other than a multiplicity of variations on the Scrambler, they’re quite rare. Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of reasons for this. Mainly, bipedal mechs are just easier to build.

In the vein of exploring this underused form of frame design, I’m taking a look at a range of attractive multi-legged frames. Not all of these were built with MFZ in mind, but all have something to recommend them to the the mobile frame builder and player.

Squidwalker Squad
The Squidwalker Squad by Flickr user Trepidacious has a pleasingly unconventional look to it: upright, slightly ponderous, like an abandoned project of the early Cold War. None of that is intended as a slight, you understand. One thing that struck me about this unit was: had the builder ever seen…

The Squidboy is an old build from Soren. It has many of the same qualities as the Squidwalker: the upright stance, the ‘old but new’ feel. Not all multipeds have to look quite like this though.

Optimal Defense Droid  ZR3
This greebly little bugger from Chris (Ironsniper) has a whole lot of stuff going on. From the manipulator arms at the front to the splash of white representing (I think) some kind of targeting array, it’s got a chunky, mechanical look to it.

Finally, standing on its tiny feet, is this anti-air multiped by Kryptonheidt. The (relative) simplicity of the build is enhanced by a limited, but attractive colour palette and some nice touches like the magazines for the main guns.


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