A Splash of Colo[u]r

Hilarious! What an amusing title for a post that features only monochrome builds. You don’t just get acerbic commentary on Mobile Frame Zero here, oh no.

Regardless of all that, there are a some builders out there who continually produce interesting, good looking models that are perfectly suited to MFZ. One of the those is Will, aka Color on Flickr. Despite drawing on identifiable trends and styles within parts of the building community, he nonetheless has a very distinct ‘voice’: I can always recognise a Color build when it pops up in my contacts feed.

Alien Bot
This alien bot uses some interesting connections and a sort-of vertical tank style to achieve an alien-but-mechanical look.

This hardsuit has, to my eyes, even more of an alien look. The elongated proportions, splayed stance, and use of a clear boat stud for the head go towards achieving and enhancing this aesthetic.

Snow Patrol Suit
Finally, something a little more recognisably ‘human.’ Hardsuits are exceptionally popular within certain areas of the Lego fan community, and this is a great example of one. It’s also worth checking out the cyberpunk police hardsuit, available in blue and black.

If you’ve note checked it out before, have a browse through Will’s photostream. There’s lots of good stuff.


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