In Good Company

It’s often the case that, when building for Mobile Frame Zero, we build an single mech to photograph. Something that’s nice is seeing a co-ordinated, cohesive company of frames. Not just in the sense of colour co-ordinated, but looking as if they could actually function together, with discernable roles. Preamble over, today’s post looks at some examples of really eye-catching companies.

Delta Fireteam 7
Chris (Ironsniper) is no stranger to Mechatonic. This company integrates three different designs of frame into on cohesive whole. I particularly like the little scout/recon suit.

Dogs of Tharsis - Full Compliment
Kevin (KyanosMoros on Flickr) has been evolving his MFZ demo companies for quite some time now. Each incremental improvement makes them look even better. This latest version of his Dogs of Tharsis company takes the tried and trusted Chub and gives it a very personal touch.

Rattler Division
Another old hand at producing quality companies is Greg (MittenNinja on Flickr.) Again, he’s been modifying and improving his units since day one. Although he hasn’t posted in quite some time, even his older stuff is always worth highlighting.

First Ray of the Dawn, Mistarille Dawn Command
This particularly striking company comes from Flickr user and MFZ enthusiast Lowestformofwit. The colour choices are bold and the styling unusual, giving a look that blurs the line between high tech military equipment and fantasy knights of old.

MgN-333 MARMOSET: 3rd Independent Commando
And your own blog wouldn’t be your own blog without the opportunity for some self-promotion. This is a bit small for a company, it’s the latest thing I’ve produced and I’m pretty pleased.


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