Now Extra Chunky

As with chocolate, chunky and angular can often be good. Nowhere is this demonstrated better than in the three intriguing designs showcased below.

There’s a lot to say about Pascal’s little Hammer mech. The design evokes Robotech destroids (and by extension, classic Battletech mechs) in a way that is appealing, but not overwhelming. The colour choices also make this one really pop: brown, blue, and light grey really work together, but it’s that tan highlight that really jumps out.

SHI-7 "The S****"
These angular trooper frames have an excellently mass-produced, cookie-cutter look. They do really resemble something that is hurried off a production line and into combat without much consideration about matters aesthetic.

Angular, but also somewhat alien. Although there are a lot of straight lines here, there’s also a slightly odd quality to the stance, which makes the mech feel just that little bit different.


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