Simple. But Effective.

I’ll make no bones about it: Pascal (Pasukaru76 on Flickr) is one of my favourite builders of microscale mecha. Not because of complexity, uncommon parts usage, or fancy articulation. None of that. What he offers are clean, elegant designs, thoughfully put together and beautifully presented.

His latest production is a wonderfully simple, cheap frame named the Groundhog. Eschewing all those taps, droid bodies, t-pieces, and so forth that we (and by ‘we’ I obviously mean ‘I’) are so guilty of relying on, he’s come up with something that I believe the MFZ community should grab with both hands and start running.

SfG-142 Groundhog

Not only has he put up a photo of a fully dressed team, he’s also provided the bare skeleton so we can all get building:

Groundhog Base

And as a bonus, here’s another version:

Frame Prototype


4 thoughts on “Simple. But Effective.

  1. Askew

    Would have to modify a bit based on the parts i have, but this is something I could probably pull off. Does anyone know what the blocks at the center of the chest and hips are called? those are the only two I don’t think I have.


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