Why, you yellow son of a….

This post is brought to you by the colour yellow. It’s not one of the more common building colours in Mobile Frame Zero. Certainly not as the dominant colour in a build. Yet, there are a lot of MFZ appropriate bricks out there in yellow and it can be used to create fun, exciting, slightly cartoony builds.

Marauder (V2)
This model of a Battletech Marauder by Pascal perfectly captures the look of the original, while also have the distinct stamp of the builder. It also lends itself well to use in MFZ, with its combination of playability and poseability. As Pascal has noted in the comments, you can find his build instructions for the Marauder right here.

Lifter Bot
This Lifter Bot by the mysteriously named Masked Builder is obviously a civilian model, but one that could be easily outfitted for the field of battle.

C7 Goliath
Finally, this rather excellent little crane by Red Spacecat. Not only is it a lovely build, the presentation is also excellent. Something similar would make a wonderful addition to an MFZ game.


One thought on “Why, you yellow son of a….

  1. Pascal

    Instruction for the Marauder are next to the photo on my flickr photostream.

    Red Spacecat’s photostream is definitely worth a look for fans of MFZ, he has a good couple of properly scaled vehicles on there.


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