They’re Here!

Recently, there have been some exciting things happening with Mobile Frame Zero. For one thing, the book is now off to print. For another thing, two excellent builders have started posting images of their frames again. Greg Strom (Mitten Ninja on Flickr) and Afny (funnily enough Af/ny on Flickr) have re-joined the community with some cracking photos.

Sunset showdown outside New Thebes
Sunset Showdown outside New Thebes is a lovely little diorama showcasing the Ermine Company and the Dogs of Tharsis.

Greg’s Trebuchet is an intriguing build: spindly, but purposeful.

Contrast the Trebuchet with the Sentinel, a much more beefy and solid frame. And I must admit I’m delighted to see yet another build based on the old MgN series.


The Basilisk is rugged and soldierly in appearance. And just check out the wheels on the back of the legs.

It’s great to see two wonderful builders back on the scene and sharing their designs and ideas with us. Here’s looking forward to many more!


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