Conpulsion 2013

This last weekend Joe Murphy and myself did some Mobile Frame Zero facilitation at the Conpulsion games convention in Edinburgh. Chastened by our lacklustre scenery last year, we planned well in advance and created tables that – while maybe not the acme of fancy Dan LEGO design – were functional, attractive, and playable.

Both of us chose to style our tables quite differently. I opted for a spaceship that had crashe din the jungle and was in the proces sof being hacked apart by Free Colonial salvors:

“Crash Site” Table, Day 1
Conpulsion 2013: Mobile Frame Zero Demo Tables

“Crash Site” Table, Day 2
Conpulsion 2013: Mobile Frame Zero Demo Tables

“Crash Site”, crash detail
Conpulsion 2013: Mobile Frame Zero Demo Tables

Joe went with a tropical theme, offering a desert island archipelago. His setup was complete with Easter Island style moai, palm trees, a waterfall, and Thunderbirds-esque bridgelaying equipment:

“Archipelago” Table
Conpulsion 2013: Mobile Frame Zero Demo Tables

Speaking of Thunderbirds, both setups were heavily influenced by the design work of the great Derek Meddings. My crashed spaceship was also an homage (albeit a ham fisted one) to the work of Chris Foss. I have to credit Joe with the great idea of using lycra as a table covering. We weren’t sure exactly what size of tables we would have, so stretchy material (coupled with gaffer tape a bulldog clips) was the ideal choice.

From the outset, our aim was not only to provide an attractive, fun arena for play, but also to catch the eye of the casual passerby. This, I think, we managed. People stopped by all weekend, adults and children alike.

Six games in total were run across the weekend, for a total of (and I might stand to be corrected on this) about 18-20 players. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the game, some having encountered it before, others being new to it. We also managed to hand out twelve copies of the book to happy Kickstarter backers.

We’re already planning on doing bigger and better things next year. In fact, such is the scale of our grand plan, we’ve already had to start the planning…


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