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MFZ Support Frame Design Contest: The Results

The wait is over. The results are in! The first inaugural grand all-star Mobile Frame Zero Support Frame design contest and tea dance is complete!

On behalf of the judges, I’d like to note how difficult this contest was to assess. There’s been lots of behind the scenes discussion and wrangling over the results and honourable mentions. In the end, it was an exceptionally tight contest with little to separate the top designs. What was interesting was the wide range of choices that the judges made. No two judges presented the same top ten lists in the same order. The standard of the contest was exceptionally high and we’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry (or entries.)

So without further ado, we present the top three. Let me reiterate, there was precious little between these builds, a many of one or two points in our scoring system.

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The Support Frame Design Contest

To celebrate the imminent release of the Mobile Frame Zero book, we’ve decided to hold a contest! Mechatonic, the MFZ Flickr group, and key people behind the game will be hosting a competition. Oooh.

And here’s what it’s all about…

Support frames: ammo carriers, fuel tankers, medical units. They aren’t things we see very much of round these parts. But that’s all going to change. This contest asks you to design and build a support frame, covering any non-combat role you chose. It can have weapons, but combat MUST not be its primary function.

The contest runs for one month from today and each person can submit up to TWO frame designs. The deadline is midnight (UK time) on February 3rd, 2013. Designs must be submitted to the snappily titled Support Frame Contest Submission thread. Your finished frame must be able to fit into a box with maximum dimensions of 8×8 studs square and 8 bricks high (for the sake of clarity, this means your frame can be up to 8 studs wide, 8 studs long, and 8 bricks high. Or it must at least be able to fold into that space.)

The prize will be a customed designed MgN-333, coloured and equiped as per your individual specifications.* The finished build will be shipped to where ever you are in the world. Plus you also get a piece of custom art showing your frame AND a fully detailed set of PDF instructions. How about that?

The entires will be judged by a shadowy cabal made up of MFZ designers Joshua A C Newman and Soren Roberts, plus long time Mechaton/Mobile Frame Zero enthusiasts Joe Murphy, and myself.

So, get designing!

*I have to place some restrictions on colour choices: for example, old dark grey is ruinously expensive. However, the winner willbe able to have a chat and negotiation the colour scheme and attachment specification that they want.