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Games, Gender, and Geekery: An Interview With Matt Machell

Covenant, by Matt Machell

One of the great things about Mechatonic is the chance to interview people with interesting things to say. This time around, it’s not a name you might at first associate with Mobile Frame Zero. Matt Machell is known in the games design community as the creator of critically acclaimed story games such as Covenant and The Agency. I’d even go so far as to say that Covenant is the best roleplaying game you’ve never played.

Matt is also a father of two and long-time Lego enthusiast. He’s been generous enough to share his thoughts on Lego and gender roles, how play with kids is hugely important, and tragi-comic tales of unfortunate minifig knights and picnicking Nazis!

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Fandom, Fascism, and Frames: An interview with Soren Roberts


Guard Cruiser by Soren Roberts

There can’t be many (if any) people in the MFZ community who aren’t familiar with the work of Soren Roberts. He’s designed the iconic frames for the game, the inspiration for hundreds of other builds. In the wider Lego community, Soren is well known for the outstanding aesthetic – often minimalist – quality of his builds, a range encompassing spacecraft, landscapes, mecha, robots, and much more. Drawing on a range of influences including real world machinery, industrial design, and science fiction art, he’s built an enviable reputation.

Now living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Soren took the time to have a bit of back and forth on subjects related to Lego, MFZ, and SF fandom. The results are thoughtful, thought provoking, and at times provocative. Enjoy.

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