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Mobile Frame Zero: Gone to Press

The good new today is that Mobile Frame Zero has now gone to press. So, well done to Joshua, Vincent, Sebastian, Soren, and all the artists, editors, and contributors who’ve made it happen. Sometime in the next couple of months us lucky Kickstarter backers should be getting our hands on the finished book. Hurrah!


Back In [Insert Pantone Colour Of Your Choice]

Those who started Mobile Frame Zero blogs back when the Kickstarter was in full flight and the frenzy of anticipation was at its peak have gone a little quiet lately. Perhaps it’s apathy. Perhaps it’s other commitments. Perhaps a lack of stuff to talk about.

So why not restart the old Mechatonic blog? I like nothing better than the sound of my own voice and there is no better way to hear that sound than in the echo chamber of your own blog.

I am emphatically saying you are not going to like a lot of this. I have opinions. Like onions, they will possibly make you cry.



2 Stations, 1 Winner

We played another one-on-one game of Mechaton the other night, once again opting to mix up the rules for a more even fight. Four mechs aside, 11 attachments. We put two stations in the middle of the battlefield, worth five points each.

Playing this way made for a far more bloody fight than we’d had previously. There was much less positioning and racing for objectives, and much more standing up and fighting. That said, there was still a good degree of tactical complexity in the game. The doomsday clock became a much more tense decision. Malcolm won the game based on smart timing on ticking it down, and appropriate concentration of force. It was very close though. One white die left on one of his mechs, and if I’d knocked it off, it would have been a draw.

It’s interesting that a lot of Mechaton games come down to a plucky little mech holding on despite all the odds. It’s hard not to identify with the little guys when all your hopes are riding on them lasting through just one more round of withering fire.