(Old List Of) Mech Frames

Lists of useful frame designs for Mechaton Mobile Frame Zero have certainly been done before. Rather than repeat what is already in existence, here at Mechatonic we’ll take a look at what we think are the most useful and interesting frame designs for the game. Whether that is in terms of poseability, adaptability or playability, we aim to give a concise list of the very best. These aren’t in any kind of order, there’s no Top Ten.

Mini Frame
The mini-frame by amazing Japanese builder Squieu is a marvel of compact design. It’s poseable, it’s adaptable, it hits all the buttons. It is a pretty intensive user of certain pieces, so make sure you have a big supply of Travis bricks if you’re thinking of having an army of these guys.

Squieu Mini Frame

A classic design from Joshua A.C. Newman, the AIn-11 is a personal favourite and can be the basis for a whole range of different mechs. Other than the pneumatic t-pieces and the minifig revolver used to angle the head, there’s not a lot of uncommon parts involved.



The Guncrab by the redoubtable Soren Roberts is one great multi-legged mech design. Compact and economical, it provides a great base for walking tanks artillery platforms and other forms of multipedal monstrosities.


Nothing wrong with some self=aggrandizment now and again. On the other hand, I happen to think that the MgN-302 is a pretty good little frame for playing Mechaton Mobile Frame Zero with. It’s compact and open to a fair degree of adaptation (as others have been demonstrating).

Heavy Assault Squadron

This list will doubtless expand as time goes on.



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