A Splash of Colo[u]r

Hilarious! What an amusing title for a post that features only monochrome builds. You don’t just get acerbic commentary on Mobile Frame Zero here, oh no.

Regardless of all that, there are a some builders out there who continually produce interesting, good looking models that are perfectly suited to MFZ. One of the those is Will, aka Color on Flickr. Despite drawing on identifiable trends and styles within parts of the building community, he nonetheless has a very distinct ‘voice’: I can always recognise a Color build when it pops up in my contacts feed.

Alien Bot
This alien bot uses some interesting connections and a sort-of vertical tank style to achieve an alien-but-mechanical look.

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Shit! Spiders!

Multipedal mechs: Not as common in the MFZ community as you might think. In fact, other than a multiplicity of variations on the Scrambler, they’re quite rare. Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of reasons for this. Mainly, bipedal mechs are just easier to build.

In the vein of exploring this underused form of frame design, I’m taking a look at a range of attractive multi-legged frames. Not all of these were built with MFZ in mind, but all have something to recommend them to the the mobile frame builder and player.

Squidwalker Squad
The Squidwalker Squad by Flickr user Trepidacious has a pleasingly unconventional look to it: upright, slightly ponderous, like an abandoned project of the early Cold War. None of that is intended as a slight, you understand. One thing that struck me about this unit was: had the builder ever seen…

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The Vexed Question of Names

If you follow the goings on at the Mobile Frame Hangar. You may have noticed a recent thread where there was a fairly heated discussion of naming conventions, Nazism, and the place of symbolism. I will admit that it was my initial contribution that kicked things off. The debate got a little heated and Mantisking wisely decided to exercise his moderatorly powers and lock the thread for a period.

Some on the forum feel that those of us who point out such things are being mean-spirited, unfair, or accusatory. Others on the forum support the viewpoint that fascist symbolism is a worrying trend in gaming circles. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, I would like to use this post to outline why I said what I said, and what I think it all means within the context of what is – after all – just a game.

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Not To Scale

Most of us play Mobile Frame Zero in what is known as seven plate scale. That is, seven Lego plates stacked one on top of the other are equivalent to a six foot tall person. The canonic frames – Chub, Scrambler, and Hi-Leg – are all designed at this scale.

There are, however, some attractive builds out there built in minifig scale. Most of these are intended as drones or hardsuits. A couple have sprung up recently that really recommend themselves to the MFZ community.

This squad by Paul Meissner is packed with great detail: the splash of colour in the ‘armpit’ area; the white minifig hand used as a sensor on one of the drones; all of this is great. And all of this praise is despite my purist dislike of third party minifig scale weapons!
IronSniper Squad

In a totally different vein, these wonderful little alt-World War tinsuits by Will are just full of character. I can just see these as primitive mobile frames akin to the Vanguard. Perhaps in some strange alternative universe, they are adversaries?

Everyone’s A Critic

This is a modification of, and expansion on, comments I made in this thread over at the Mobile Frame Hangar.

As builders, we all aspire to improve our Lego creations, whether through observing the work of others, studying arts, pre-planning and sketching, or paying close attention to things like use of colour. One way to really improve is to work in an environment of both support and constructive criticism. It’s something that – from my point of view – we are still lacking in the Mobile Frame Zero community.

In the discussion thread about this very topic, Joshua commented:

“Critique isn’t about whether or not you like something. It’s about asking the creator questions that they can answer at their discretion in a future iteration. Keep in mind that your opinion is only your own, but the creator is the creator. Don’t give advice unless asked specifically in a follow-up. It’s not about you. it’s about the person who created something and was nice enough to show you it.”

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Bringing you the latest in our irregular series highlighting exciting builds from around the community.

Let me just say: this is a colour scheme:
Dörtmund Imperial Marines
Carter Baldwin – after a lengthy hiatus – has offered these wonderfully shaped and coloured Mobile Frame Zero scale designs (those heads are fantastic.) His use of the newish olive green colour is fantastic. And the minimally stickered shoulder shields are great.

For those who enjoy great builds, Pascal should be no stranger. This one illustrates that an effective, attractive MFZ frame does not need to be loaded down with complex connections and rare parts. The Vanguard uses shape and colour – rather than fanciness – to achieve a wonderful result.

So, what do you say to that, Joshua?