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Simple. But Effective.

I’ll make no bones about it: Pascal (Pasukaru76 on Flickr) is one of my favourite builders of microscale mecha. Not because of complexity, uncommon parts usage, or fancy articulation. None of that. What he offers are clean, elegant designs, thoughfully put together and beautifully presented.

His latest production is a wonderfully simple, cheap frame named the Groundhog. Eschewing all those taps, droid bodies, t-pieces, and so forth that we (and by ‘we’ I obviously mean ‘I’) are so guilty of relying on, he’s come up with something that I believe the MFZ community should grab with both hands and start running.

SfG-142 Groundhog

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A few months ago there was a very worthwhile discussion at the Mobile Frame Hangar on the subject of articulation in mobile frame builds. I don’t just say that because I started the thread. The responses and discussion were very useful. A recent design by a very accomplished builder got me thinking about this subject again.

Kinetic Acceleration Combat Armor

K-Frame by Brian Kescenovitz

Now, this design by Brian Kescenovitz is a minifig scale hardsuit, rather than a mobile frame. However, take off the head and replace it with something more mecha-y and, et voila, you have a mobile frame. I think this is a wonderful bit of building: immensely poseable and full of character. The range of movement built into such a compact design is quite remarkable (look at the image at bottom left for a great example of dynamic posing.) There’s little that’s wrong with it. Or is there?

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Now Extra Chunky

As with chocolate, chunky and angular can often be good. Nowhere is this demonstrated better than in the three intriguing designs showcased below.

There’s a lot to say about Pascal’s little Hammer mech. The design evokes Robotech destroids (and by extension, classic Battletech mechs) in a way that is appealing, but not overwhelming. The colour choices also make this one really pop: brown, blue, and light grey really work together, but it’s that tan highlight that really jumps out.

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Bringing you the latest in our irregular series highlighting exciting builds from around the community.

Let me just say: this is a colour scheme:
Dörtmund Imperial Marines
Carter Baldwin – after a lengthy hiatus – has offered these wonderfully shaped and coloured Mobile Frame Zero scale designs (those heads are fantastic.) His use of the newish olive green colour is fantastic. And the minimally stickered shoulder shields are great.

For those who enjoy great builds, Pascal should be no stranger. This one illustrates that an effective, attractive MFZ frame does not need to be loaded down with complex connections and rare parts. The Vanguard uses shape and colour – rather than fanciness – to achieve a wonderful result.

So, what do you say to that, Joshua?


All That’s New

A quick post – as is my wont – to highlight some recent builds that may be interesting to the MFZ community.

First off, this rather engaging drone by Chris. Although intended to be a minifig-scale piece, it would work rather nicely in seven plate scale. As long as you ignore a lot of the juvenile, repugnant commentary below the line.
NRGJ Drones

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Fresh Meat For The Cannons

Back in the old days of Mechaton, when you had to carve your bricks from granite, when if you lost Vincent would send a nailbomb to your house, and when around 20 people worldwide played the game, there wasn’t quite such a range of frames. With the explosion in popularity created by Mobile Frame Zero, there is now a huge and vibrant building community. Why am I telling you this? If you’re reading, then you’re probably part of that community.

Easing myself back into the Lego/MFZ blogomasphere, I thought a good thing would be to highlight some of my favourite new frames and new builders who have joined the community. Let’s take it as read that the stuff designed by Soren is awesome and that I don’t need to tell you that again. It’s a given. So, here are a handful of frames that I think are great for MFZ.

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Mini Exo Suits

Mini Exo Suits

Originally uploaded by legoloverman

Pete Reid creates some wonderful stuff. His Classic Space ships are rightly recognised as some of the best around. Recently, he’s been directing his talents towards microscale Classic Space. Here are the micro version of his cargo-lifting exo-suits. Now I need to source a whole pile of light grey minfig hands…