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In Good Company

It’s often the case that, when building for Mobile Frame Zero, we build an single mech to photograph. Something that’s nice is seeing a co-ordinated, cohesive company of frames. Not just in the sense of colour co-ordinated, but looking as if they could actually function together, with discernable roles. Preamble over, today’s post looks at some examples of really eye-catching companies.

Delta Fireteam 7
Chris (Ironsniper) is no stranger to Mechatonic. This company integrates three different designs of frame into on cohesive whole. I particularly like the little scout/recon suit.

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Shit! Spiders!

Multipedal mechs: Not as common in the MFZ community as you might think. In fact, other than a multiplicity of variations on the Scrambler, they’re quite rare. Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of reasons for this. Mainly, bipedal mechs are just easier to build.

In the vein of exploring this underused form of frame design, I’m taking a look at a range of attractive multi-legged frames. Not all of these were built with MFZ in mind, but all have something to recommend them to the the mobile frame builder and player.

Squidwalker Squad
The Squidwalker Squad by Flickr user Trepidacious has a pleasingly unconventional look to it: upright, slightly ponderous, like an abandoned project of the early Cold War. None of that is intended as a slight, you understand. One thing that struck me about this unit was: had the builder ever seen…

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All That’s New

A quick post – as is my wont – to highlight some recent builds that may be interesting to the MFZ community.

First off, this rather engaging drone by Chris. Although intended to be a minifig-scale piece, it would work rather nicely in seven plate scale. As long as you ignore a lot of the juvenile, repugnant commentary below the line.
NRGJ Drones

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Fresh Meat For The Cannons

Back in the old days of Mechaton, when you had to carve your bricks from granite, when if you lost Vincent would send a nailbomb to your house, and when around 20 people worldwide played the game, there wasn’t quite such a range of frames. With the explosion in popularity created by Mobile Frame Zero, there is now a huge and vibrant building community. Why am I telling you this? If you’re reading, then you’re probably part of that community.

Easing myself back into the Lego/MFZ blogomasphere, I thought a good thing would be to highlight some of my favourite new frames and new builders who have joined the community. Let’s take it as read that the stuff designed by Soren is awesome and that I don’t need to tell you that again. It’s a given. So, here are a handful of frames that I think are great for MFZ.

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