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The Oh-so-nearly Complete Mobile Frame Zero Book

Rooftop Racing Frame 'Highjump III', front

Frame waves excitedly at news of latest release.

In exciting news, you can download the latest, almost completely done version of the Mobile Frame Zero book, right here, right now.

While there are a few little things left to be ironed out, it’s a treat!


Everyone’s A Critic

This is a modification of, and expansion on, comments I made in this thread over at the Mobile Frame Hangar.

As builders, we all aspire to improve our Lego creations, whether through observing the work of others, studying arts, pre-planning and sketching, or paying close attention to things like use of colour. One way to really improve is to work in an environment of both support and constructive criticism. It’s something that – from my point of view – we are still lacking in the Mobile Frame Zero community.

In the discussion thread about this very topic, Joshua commented:

“Critique isn’t about whether or not you like something. It’s about asking the creator questions that they can answer at their discretion in a future iteration. Keep in mind that your opinion is only your own, but the creator is the creator. Don’t give advice unless asked specifically in a follow-up. It’s not about you. it’s about the person who created something and was nice enough to show you it.”

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