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Ten hut


Originally uploaded by JordanTN

JordanTN recently posted a whole series of these rather nifty little mechs, ideally scaled for Mechaton.

Hop over to the flickr page and check out the different designs.



This Is Frasier Crane, I’m Listening


Originally uploaded by bermudafreze

I can scarcely believe that we failed to blog this marvellous microscale mech crane from Kyle Vrieze. It was created as part of the Civilian Mecha Contest a couple of months ago and I was astonished by it back then. Who knows why it wasn’t blogged.

Not only is the crane itself a wonderful piece of design, but the presentation – complete with modular buildings – is exemplary. Stuff like this would look great on a Mechaton table, either as scenery or as part of a fighting force. Twin hand to to hand weapons to represent the massive hook being swung at enemies? Movement dice to represent the multipedal design? I’m certainly thinking of building one!


Underwater Research Hardsuit

Underwater Research Hardsuit

Originally uploaded by Pyreƒyre

My third and final post for day one of the new posting policy and another design of mech that would be useful in underwater games.

Intended to be something around minifig scale, this hardsuit by Pyrefyre would actually make a rather nice underwater mech design.


Deep Sea Exploration Mech 8

Deep Sea Exploration Mech 8

Originally uploaded by onosendai2600

Now here’s something you don’t see very often: underwater mechs. There are a few undersea hardsuits kicking about, but dedicated underwater mechs are a rarity. That’s why it’s nice to see this fellow from onosendai2600.

And it nicely kicks off the posting theme for today: underwater Mechaton! There will be some musing on using water in Mechaton games, plus another rather cool underwater mech design.


MgR-808 Karma

MgR-808 Karma, top

Originally uploaded by jed_september

Finally got around to taking some photos of this. Built a few weeks ago, but due to travela nd other commitments, I’ve never actually done anything with it. Nevertheless, here it is.

Based on the mini-frame by Squieu, I find it nicely poseable and chunky, but not too large for use with Mechaton. There are a nuch of other photos of it on my Flickr pages.