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Why, you yellow son of a….

This post is brought to you by the colour yellow. It’s not one of the more common building colours in Mobile Frame Zero. Certainly not as the dominant colour in a build. Yet, there are a lot of MFZ appropriate bricks out there in yellow and it can be used to create fun, exciting, slightly cartoony builds.

Marauder (V2)
This model of a Battletech Marauder by Pascal perfectly captures the look of the original, while also have the distinct stamp of the builder. It also lends itself well to use in MFZ, with its combination of playability and poseability. As Pascal has noted in the comments, you can find his build instructions for the Marauder right here.
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Shit! Spiders!

Multipedal mechs: Not as common in the MFZ community as you might think. In fact, other than a multiplicity of variations on the Scrambler, they’re quite rare. Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of reasons for this. Mainly, bipedal mechs are just easier to build.

In the vein of exploring this underused form of frame design, I’m taking a look at a range of attractive multi-legged frames. Not all of these were built with MFZ in mind, but all have something to recommend them to the the mobile frame builder and player.

Squidwalker Squad
The Squidwalker Squad by Flickr user Trepidacious has a pleasingly unconventional look to it: upright, slightly ponderous, like an abandoned project of the early Cold War. None of that is intended as a slight, you understand. One thing that struck me about this unit was: had the builder ever seen…

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This Is Frasier Crane, I’m Listening


Originally uploaded by bermudafreze

I can scarcely believe that we failed to blog this marvellous microscale mech crane from Kyle Vrieze. It was created as part of the Civilian Mecha Contest a couple of months ago and I was astonished by it back then. Who knows why it wasn’t blogged.

Not only is the crane itself a wonderful piece of design, but the presentation – complete with modular buildings – is exemplary. Stuff like this would look great on a Mechaton table, either as scenery or as part of a fighting force. Twin hand to to hand weapons to represent the massive hook being swung at enemies? Movement dice to represent the multipedal design? I’m certainly thinking of building one!


Let’s Talk About Legs

iito v23

Originally uploaded by Fredoichi

First up today, we have this delightful multipedal robot from Fredoichi. Not only do the purple and lime accents look wonderful with the overall white colour scheme, but the blue background and crisp photography really helps to highlight a great little build.

The theme of all the designs I’ll be blogging today is that they will have more than two legs. I’ll also be discussing how Mechaton creates a dynamic, ever changing play environment. But more on that later.


Back with a scam

SKAM – Anti-Personnel Combat Robot

Originally uploaded by krush!

You might have noticed a certain absence over the past few weeks. I jetted off back to Scotland to see friends and family, leaving poor old Simon to hold the fort all by himself. Normal service will now be resumed and Simon won’t have to bear the burden of doing all the updates on Mechatonic.

We have some exciting stuff coming up in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, I found this SKAM Anti-personnel Combat Robot very engaging. Take away the minifig and you easily imagine it as a Mechaton scaled walking tank.

And I’ll hopefully be posting some photos of a couple of new mechs I’ve been building. Just as soon as I get another sheet of black card. Then I can finally show off the Karma and the Gundog.