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MFZ Support Frame Design Contest: The Results

The wait is over. The results are in! The first inaugural grand all-star Mobile Frame Zero Support Frame design contest and tea dance is complete!

On behalf of the judges, I’d like to note how difficult this contest was to assess. There’s been lots of behind the scenes discussion and wrangling over the results and honourable mentions. In the end, it was an exceptionally tight contest with little to separate the top designs. What was interesting was the wide range of choices that the judges made. No two judges presented the same top ten lists in the same order. The standard of the contest was exceptionally high and we’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry (or entries.)

So without further ado, we present the top three. Let me reiterate, there was precious little between these builds, a many of one or two points in our scoring system.

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Mobile Frame Ship Zero: High Seas (pt.1)

One of the great things about a simple, elegant rules system like Mobile Frame Zero is that it lends itself so well to other applications. I’ve seen people talking about using it for fantasy battles a la Lord of the Rings; spaceship combat; modern military combat. One thing I haven’t seen, however, it using it for naval warfare.

Escort CarrierThis line of thinking has been inspired by a number of wonderful microscale Lego ships such as those scattered about this article. Most of these aren’t much bigger – or more brick intensive – than your average MFZ frame. Ships also lend themselves to the attachment based system of MFZ: close in defence systems (melee weapons), gun turrets (direct fire weapons), missile launchers (artillery weapons), radar systems (spotting), hydrofoils (movement), and so on.

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Why, you yellow son of a….

This post is brought to you by the colour yellow. It’s not one of the more common building colours in Mobile Frame Zero. Certainly not as the dominant colour in a build. Yet, there are a lot of MFZ appropriate bricks out there in yellow and it can be used to create fun, exciting, slightly cartoony builds.

Marauder (V2)
This model of a Battletech Marauder by Pascal perfectly captures the look of the original, while also have the distinct stamp of the builder. It also lends itself well to use in MFZ, with its combination of playability and poseability. As Pascal has noted in the comments, you can find his build instructions for the Marauder right here.
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Simple. But Effective.

I’ll make no bones about it: Pascal (Pasukaru76 on Flickr) is one of my favourite builders of microscale mecha. Not because of complexity, uncommon parts usage, or fancy articulation. None of that. What he offers are clean, elegant designs, thoughfully put together and beautifully presented.

His latest production is a wonderfully simple, cheap frame named the Groundhog. Eschewing all those taps, droid bodies, t-pieces, and so forth that we (and by ‘we’ I obviously mean ‘I’) are so guilty of relying on, he’s come up with something that I believe the MFZ community should grab with both hands and start running.

SfG-142 Groundhog

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Bringing you the latest in our irregular series highlighting exciting builds from around the community.

Let me just say: this is a colour scheme:
Dörtmund Imperial Marines
Carter Baldwin – after a lengthy hiatus – has offered these wonderfully shaped and coloured Mobile Frame Zero scale designs (those heads are fantastic.) His use of the newish olive green colour is fantastic. And the minimally stickered shoulder shields are great.

For those who enjoy great builds, Pascal should be no stranger. This one illustrates that an effective, attractive MFZ frame does not need to be loaded down with complex connections and rare parts. The Vanguard uses shape and colour – rather than fanciness – to achieve a wonderful result.

So, what do you say to that, Joshua?