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Sub Apoc Roundup

Back in the mists of time, LEGO builder Spook started a theme called “Sub Apoc”, a hypothetical future where an apocalypse drives all human settlements underwater.  He posted a very interesting guide to the setting here.  Other builders catch on, and soon there’s a plethora of sub-apoc themed MOCs kicking around.

Fast forward to the present, and this extremely slack blogger finally gets around to noticing it, and thinking “now this is ripe for a game of Mechaton.”  We’ve already discussed the possibilities of setting Mechaton games underwater.  All that’s left, I think, is to let the creations speak for themselves.  A lot of these are “hardsuits” rather than mecha, but that doesn’t make them any less gameable in my mind.  Some of these we’ve already posted on the site, but I think you’ll agree they’re worth a second look.

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