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I should have known

I should have known that someone else would have covered this topic in far greater depth and with much more expertise than I ever could have.  Here’s “Sir Bugge” with a very comprehensive discussion:

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Dogs Of War

war droids

Originally uploaded by Alex E.2

Sometimes there are builds that make you take a look because of their unusual parts usage. Just such a thing is this war droid diorama by Alex E.2. Droid bodies, droid heads, minifig arms, they’re all in there.

Traditionalists may not approve, but the effect is quite stunning.



Creations by builder mondayn00dle (A.K.A  Brian Kescenovitz) are a frequent sight on well-known lego blogs like The Brothers Brick.  We’ve seen a lot of his larger mecha creations, and vast dioramas.  In this post though, I’d like to highlight some of the smaller things in Mondayn00dle’s photostream, which have got a lot of interesting ideas suitable for mechaton-sized creations.

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Don’t Bogart the Joint

There are a few common connections that crop up a lot in mecha building, and a few techniques that I use a lot, that I’ve stolen from other, better designers.  In the interests of spreading information around, I’m going to discuss a few common joints used for articulation and difficult angles in building mecha.  Feel free to add more in the comments, or correct me if I’ve got something wrong.  These are behind a cut because it’s long.

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